What People Say About YFAME !

the_real_murk – #SupportYFame cause he deserves it! Show me some1 in South Jersey more talented & commited! F*ck you wack ass rappers

WaLaBeatZ – Smh the shit @YFame come up wit just ridiculous to me… RIDICULOUS

Forever_Pudge – “@YFame: @Forever_Pudge yo im helpin you promote L.U.S today lol..cuz thts my shit!..

JuJuBear_ – listening to “The Somebody-ish Nobody” by @YFamewhile writing this paper :)

MADly_INsane – “L. U. S.” By @YFame sounds like sex through my speakers

dOKEdOLLAZ  – @YFame but y is “in the air” still my alarm ringer lol I love that shit!

aboynamedandy – @YFame heard your stuff through Apollo (I’ve written a few features on him). Respect your production, Hope & Gold Rope is ill. Good job man.

MizBella_Ella – @YFame YOO Less!! Loving the music mann :)

kyraNOtweets  – #Follow @YFame cause his music is legit and he is not bad on the eyes ;)

MikeLarryDraw – I bet you 1 million dollars, if I had it. That @YFamewill destory anybody with the beat making!!!!!!! #Jdilla lives

LuTorresWM – Yo this guy @YFame will go down as one of the greatest producers ever!!

Eddro9 – Without @YFame NONE of this would have been possible!!!!!! #Salute

siria05 – “When that money start flowing and that name get big I dont ever want you to check on my crib… Ha that’s real shiiiit”…. @YFame

REALTALKw_RAYM – @Brel29 I asked @YFame can he spit to a reggae joint….he did just what I asked. #talent Wow. I just walked away like. O

GeriDFyniz – @YFame what it does homie. I heard u on @LegalFamRadio LN & U got bars.

beardedbandit87 – @YFame ddnt get to hear dat #mydad yet…but MAN… I downloaded dat “in the air” #BAfuckinNANAS

Brel29 – After hearing this track I had to call Fame up and tell him how much I #respect his craft and skill>> “My Dad”

Haitidapoet – #MajorShoutOutsTo @YFame one hell of a song writer and producer!

JayWest – @YFame I guess u can take it as everyone respects ur work


Shaniq_So_Trill – Y’all need to follow this brutha @YFame I’m blown away by how good his music sound. It’s SOLID & HOT YO!!!http://www.iamYFame.com

wtbd – Saw your PSA promo video. That confidence is untouchable. We got you here in the U.K!!

wtbd – #festivefollow – @YFame < Since we launched we’re yet to find a harder working, all round interesting, switched on, producer/rapper.

Rza21eR – @YFame I remember wen I barley started following u, I knew u were gnna make it big! #SupportYFame

thunda_byrd – You djs better start puttin my boy @YFame in yall rotation and stop fuggin playin…..iamyfame.com go!

Eddro9 – I’m not just some guy… But when @YFame performed “Applause” he took on the shape of a Unicorn! It was a combination of Fergie and Jesus!!

LuvleehPoet – @YFame You are truly doing your thing love…it’s beautiful~

LuvleehPoet – @YFame u are doing great things.I also want to get those two albums from b4 the Kid on the Bus album not trying to miss a beat.No Pun! lol.

LuvleehPoet – #SupportYFame…. the young man is on a mission to make hip hop real -through unity& quality music! And it’s working! #Follow @YFame

SBkushington – Searched @YFame on youtube. I’m impressed.

xoxoNikkiG – @YFame I commend you for being a “somebody-ish nobody”. Keep doing your thing, hun!

MADly_INsane – I KNOW I’m UBER late so don’t kill me but @YFame Sombody-ish Nobody is giving me EVERYTHING!!!

djyankee856 – One of the most talented people in Jersey — Shoutout to @YFame

Asianeyez – i just love @YFame#yeaisaidit =))

LilTCreations – This @YFame mixtape go hard I’m only on track four n calling it a #Classic #LilTApproved

iamJonesy – #inhighschool @YFame always told me he was gonna make it in this music shit and he doin it

MUSICbyESKO – @YFame wassup bro just had to swing thru and say… as expected… THE ALBUM IS CRRRRAZY FAM great work

JayWest_– #Shoutout to @YFame he out there grinding! Grab his latest mixtape from www.iamyfame.com now!

MissDReyes – @Yfame– Yfame is a wonderful musician:)

OckMilly – Fuck wit @Yfame music… Theres an elite level of talent in south jersey…. This man is one #RapperSingerProducer

VerbSpielberg – Oh God that new @YFame is out! Put all ya other lp’s back on the shelf!

ChillMoody – @YFame is currently inspiring the hell out of me with this mixtape. Go download it now. www.iamyfame.com

islandboy242 – downloading the homie @yfame mixtape rite now!!

GMANFANTASTIC – i might wake up in the middle of the night to download @Yfame to have somethin jammin to ride to work to in the mornin’

kaizlakazie – #FF some real talent @YFame ❤

MUSICbyESKO – S/O to the bro @YFame .. #FOLLOWHIM &#SupportGOODMusic .. and he’s SUPER nice to the ladies, ladies lol

UPTiMIST – Ya need to #FF my nigga >>> @YFame right now and check his music out this dude is the Truth! #iCoSign

KishaSaysFukYou – #TwitterPause i &hearts; @YFame … #ThatisAll

JaeBlvdMusic – @YFame Yo bro we gotta work. I heard some of your production fire!

Eddro9 – @YFame <–Lil bro is a musical prodigy!!!

dOKEdOLLAZ  – @YFame Famey!!!! You know I support!

ShottiShotgun – Um the homey yfame is a phenom

Haitidapoet – this was the dude to watch in the lunch room one of the illest mc’s at #TheLunchRoomSessions @YFame

IFearNo1ButGod – @YFame I’m so excited for your next mixtape! Can’t wait cause I KNOW you WON’T disappoint :-)

Apollo_TheGreat – @YFame I’m telling you right now do not I repeat DO NOT be surprised AT ALL by the success your up comin mixtape has.. Its supposed 2 happen

goldie06 – @YFame damn those last 2 songs are that work, def hit my heart…u’ve got serious talent.

MUSICbyESKO – yall gotta stop sleepin on my boy @YFame … if you aint followin him you need to get on it he got MAJOR TALENT!!! Do It

Apollo_TheGreat – I need some new heat from @YFame in my speakers!!!

MiltonKicksIt – #nowplaying @YFame …in the air…hadent listened in a while and this nigga still good lol

wtbd – #ff @YFame – Great producer, honest lyricist and seemingly a damn hard worker. Look forward to more music from him!

Asianeyez – currently vibin to new music by @YFame , i suggest yall follow him. he is lyrically blessed. #iSupportUndergroundHipHop

B2DaDot – #shouts to the homie @YFame who designed my logo & I got it turned into a chain #Zooom http://plixi.com/p/47212307

dOKEdOLLAZ – #NP “in the air” @YFame this is my shit, the metaphors are genius!!

Apollo_TheGreat – @YFame just made a CRAZY beat out of something I beat boxed lmao!!!! This nigga is crazy wit this production shit!!!!!

yqzone – Support the homie @YFame

CryBabyBitchBoy – ♫ “I See You” by @YFame ; ahh, this song makes me emotional.

TraxxTrigga – @YFame man I’m just tryina get fans overseas too.. You got it all man (@BUELLERDADON voice)

Lu_Torres_WM – “Shoutout” by @YFame, this track is exactly how I felt son..Lmao. Sitting in my ex’s inbox right now!

rumbiisthebest – Am i the only @YFame fan in LONDON or sumin coz nobody know who he is, yall missin out, that Goin Home track always gets me!

Eddro9 – @BigBreezy played me 2 new joints by @YFame… I swear, this kid is focused maaaaaan!!!!

jwooten89 – Ay i need sum @YFame rt abt now he is 1 of the best rappers out thr he is a tru artist! My dude U you gone make it big 4 real

dOKEdOLLAZ – #FF @YFame young talented artist, producer, graphic designer & like 20 other things. I respect his hustle follow him.

Apollo_TheGreat – If it wasn’t for @YFame the world would miss out on a lot of @Apollo_theGreat music! #Shoutout to fame! My producer my engineer n my BRO!

kyraNOtweets – @YFame My homegirl @dOKEdOLLAZ let me listen to some of your music and it’s bomb… i def am going to start jamming your music

ThatDudeFire – Yo everybody make sure you look out for my homie @YFame He’s on a path to Greatness!!! #MarkMyWords

GMANFANTASTIC – @yfame been meanin to tell you that you a COLD ASS Producer, you been doin’ it bruddah!

PhillyTheBoss – #Shoutout to @YFame, He makes my job easy.. He records QUALITY SONGS.. and just inbox me.. I dont have to say “So when u gonna record that”

kaizlakazie – @YFame goood morning!!! still playing ur mix btw.. never get tired of it. ur so emotional.. and intelligent.. and passionate damnnnn ❤

__Oreo__ – #FF follow —> @YFame cuz he is an i amazing artist.yuuup yupp!!!

Elusive_Thought – Get at the dude @YFame his music is nice

LaCrave_Lrs – @YFame lol you welcome; i was just being real…. i love your flow & style #nogroupieish!

missthach – @YFame‘s music on #repeat !!! Damn I think I’m addicted to @YFame‘s music. :)

KissMyGizmo – @YFame those lyrics are exactly what i was talkn bout when i said music needs to convey new messages I applaud u!

iamjaelle – @YFame you’re mixtape is sickkk!! i love ur delivery and flow and WORDPLAY!!

dOKEdOLLAZ – Me too it only took one RT @YFame: RT @Thadonsaid: after just the one track i heard..i support @YFame

thekidfromspace – @YFame i have a lot of faith in you. i’m really feeling this “it’s okay” track. keep em coming pimp..we supporting you

MelsoEverywhere – #FF @YFame grinding like bad brakes ! Get Intuned and Support!

thekidfromspace – @YFame hey bro..you’re gonna be really successful if you keep making videos like that for your fans. keep it up bro! i got my eyes on you..

feedmekicks – shoutout to @YFame for STAYIN on his grind.

MIKEBOOGIE – Follow my homie @YFame – talented as fuck!!!

ColinLandforce – was chillin on Monroe today and my boy scott drove by and yelled at me… bumpin @YFame – My Level. GET ON MY LEVEL!!!

Only_RiRi_Girl – @YFame ur song outta ma mind is soooooooooooooo amazing..)

NERDstar23 – Maan! You Have To Be Like The BEST Upcoming Rappers I Know. . Your Mixtapes Go Soo Hard!! It’s Just Insane. .ツ☆ @YFame

goosemogul – #FF @YFame he’s a smart Dude

TkthaGk – Follow @YFame he got them skills beats and lyrics are the ish!

Lu_Torres_WM – I must say “January” by @YFame is of the realest tracks i’ve heard ever and i could relate to this shit 100%

NikkiLynette – Please follow @YFame cuz he’s a young businessman who’d appreciate your support. I follow him, u should too.

AmoreSheri – If you are tired of listening to Rap that sounds the same…listen to @YFame.. This is NOT A GAME!! www.iamyfame.com

youngboogs – This boy flow is reallll #FF @YFame

IAMJSMOOTH – #FF—–> @YFame Not because he co-signs me. But cuz i got dudes music on my iTunes. and dont nuffin but beats go on my iTunes.!

AVAxMiCHELEx3 – WHY oh WHY isn’t @YFAME RICH off of his BEATS yett?!?????????

AVAxMiCHELEx3 – At @YFame ‘s crib, listenin’ to his freakin MASTERPIECES ugh the man is a genius… #SupportYFame

AVAxMiCHELEx3 – #WHATSFUNNIERTHAN a nigga thinkin’ his mixtape is better than @YFAME ‘s !? #SupportYFame !

officialdeez – @YFame Oooweeee! :) Bout time I heard some good sound. “Type of Girl” was on point. You came in on that jawn heavy!

AVAxMiCHELEx3 – #tobehonest @YFame shoulda been famous like 2 years ago. The industry is blind &deaf right now. #supportyfame #wondamuzik

RoxanneSBH – #musicmonday #nowplaying @YFame – The One (I get so emotional everytime I hear this song, idk why)

ms__lady – #MusicMonday “January” by @YFame …. one of the deepest songs I’ve ever heard

MeShayTalae – @YFame “Its okay” is touching on mad levels right now#nowplaying

Crissy_CooL – #itsawrapwhen I Get Mad Cause @YFame Doesn’t Have A Main Stream Deal Yet I Mean DAMN Tht Shit Was Fire

Go2Deuce – @YFame is gettin it!!!! A true Grind Artist

JMusicGroup – @YFame yo that mixtape is hard my dude bravo! “got me feelin like sasquatch”!!! haha

Skrizzy – Bumpin @yfame da thriller mixtape. These samples is the shit. Rhymes tight. 10 out of 10. I like bookbagz&chuck taylors better tho.

MrSelfMade – @YFame Nice site bro, you be doing your thing

JMusicGroup – #FF follow the the philly boy @YFame too hes one of my fav up and coming artists/producers period right now for real!

JCuseOnTheBeat – #FF —-> @YFame dope artist/ producer….check him out you WONT be disappointed

LouStaysLou – @YFame Yo, that “Kid On The Bus” video is on point. Kind of described me when i was like a Sophomore in High School. Good shit brah. .

SCHANICE26 – @YFame ur songs are sikkk…love da website:)

ImPureGold – #FF @YFAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talented brotha that’s going places! :)

ms__lady – #FF @YFame is one of the most genuine ppl I’ve ever met in my entire life #OneOfAKind

LowkitaNEW – @YFame wow ..ur freaken amazing im listing to ur music right now man ..i really liking ur outta my mind track ..every word is so true!

JMusicGroup – This Video reminds me of my entire life up to this point! Thanks @YFame !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArQPnTGtO8Y

LexBSerious – @YFame u amaze me every TIME!!!

SoNgWritEr_KMa – #MUSICMONDAY how many rappers actually have talent >>>>> @yfame does so u other rappers take notes

AmoreSheri – @YFame hey send me some more material. The stuff you want to get to the DJ’s…. Wait that’s EVERY SONG! @Yfame GOT NEXT! He’s 19 n MAAJOR!

MsNewShoes – #UAINTKNOW (@Yfame) Young Fame www.iamyfame.comyoung, ambitious, unique talent,PRODUCER,THIS DUDE GRINDS!!! I’m so proud of him #WONDAMUZIK

nikkirabbiitt – “Brown Eyes” by @YFame — “they try to cook royalty and get crown fried” ;)

IamJowin – @YFame Dude this mixtape is an experience…u took my mind on a journey I commend u..a true classic..

YungChizz – #FF @YFame cuz I like to see young niggaz doin they thing

IAMJSMOOTH – Iight Why Does @YFame Have The Only Mixtape Other Than Mines On My Blog Doe! lol I Fuqkz With The Mixtape Doe Homie. Only On Track 6!

DjCapCom – @YFame I just checked you out .. I REALLY do like what I hear .. E-Mail me please sir ..

MsNewShoes – #TAKENOTE I’m getting HEAVY feed back about my homie @yfame N the way he goes in on his tracks (from other rappers in the game) WARNING!!

AwesomeRikki – Follow @YFame the dude is a beast, Im gonna let him bless my beautiful tracks,he didnt ask me to do this, yall just need to… digg that

The_Product – I know I keep telling y’all this, but its true The next big thing in hip hop >>>> @YFame

IamWhiteMike – I just listened to @YFame “type of girl” song and slapped my grandmom…twice!..

@Donye5 – Mane this nigga @YFame be gettin it in.. And i still wanna collab witcha homie! Lol but on da real follow ASAP!! Real hip hop !

ZonArchybeats – @YFame u got some production keep it up bro

The_Product – @YFame I never heard any1 use ” Opacity ” in a rhyme fam…. good ish…

goldie06  – Listening to @YFame cd #Nice 🙂

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