Monkey See , Monkey Do

We were born as individuals. Sure we might all have skin, eyes, noses, mouths, and hair, But we’re all different. So it’s extremely hard for me to understand… WHY .. Some teens and some adults choose to mimic what they see on the TV screen. Take the tattoo topic for instance. Tattoos have been around for years and years and years and years. But what these younger guys fail to realize is that … You’re gonna want your skin BACK !, And unless you have a mass abundance of money to laser all of those markings off.. That’s impossible. I always say that entertainers and people with a body full of tats must plan on dying young, because i’m pretty sure that when you’re a senior citizen and you’ve gained a ton of wisdom, YOU won’t want a shitload of INK on your skin, which will be sagging by then. Another reason i bring up this “Monkey-See, Monkey-Do” thing, is because of one particular RAPPER, by the name of Nicki Minaj. Now don’t get me wrong, She can RAP, but by looking at her image, she’s not exactly sending a positive message to girls. One appearance of Nicki Minaj had all of the girls in my neighborhood wearing big bangs and Remi hair. Also, i noticed that ever since she came onto the scene, alot of girls think it’s the COOL thing, to be Gay. Now if you’re gay, then you’re gay..that’s YOU. But it’s not the “Cool thing to do”. Also alot of girls nowadays think it’s the “Cool thing to do” to act and dress like SUPER WHORES. I’m seeing tons of young girls attending clubs with BRAS and LEOTARDS as their ATTIRE !!! .. WTF !!! .. This is NOT COOL. To the dudes who sag their pants below their asses, You’re pathetic for thinking it’s a fashion statement. It becomes embarrassing to me as a young black man when i see another young black guy displaying his underwear like “Hey, look at my ass !, I’m wearing plaid !”.. We don’t want to see your ass. Now ME ? .. I sag my pants, yea.. But i never, ever, ever display my underwear, NOR do i sag them to the point where i have to wobble to walk. How ignorant and indecent. I just wish it would go back to where people were still INDIVIDUALS, when people did their OWN thing, when people made their OWN type of music. There are very, very, very, very few people like this. I’m one of the few. To those who are reading this, PLEASE do not be a slave to the propaganda. Be YOU.


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